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Roger is one of the early pioneers of SEO in the 1990’s, both in Europe and the USA. In 2000 Roger set up CGO Media which has grown over the last 20 years to be the #1 SEO agency in Europe.

Does my My Website Need a Responsive Web Design?

The term "responsive web designs" indicates sites that are capable of adapting to various types of screen sizes for maximizing viewing experience. This includes screens of desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, ipods, kindles, etc. At times this term is referred to, in the digital arts’ market, as "fluid design", "adaptive website design" or "RWD". On the other hand, uncommunicative websites cannot adapt to fit separate computer display dimensions, which means they can be tough to navigate and view on smaller devices. Sales of mobile phones have surpassed that of desktops and according to media predictors mobile web usage would also surpass desktop use by 2014. Therefore, it only appears logical that searches on desktop seek will be outnumbered by mobile searches. [...]

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SEO in 2014

If you are an online service provider, perhaps the toughest thing to learn involves implementing Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategies. Since all the information as well as algorithms are changing frequently the strategies you use, the current trends in marketing and the little corner chopping methods you do to advance your SEO rank are a few of the things that a SEO expert has to learn. If you are a SEO provider or thinking about providing SEO, or need some SEO strategies for your website, then you need to understand the possible 2014 trends in relation to SEO which can help you grow your business, whether that is by getting specific traffic or by improving your service quality to [...]

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Social Media Marketing for 2014

No matter how cleverly and strategically your marketing efforts are designed, what is important to follow is the direction your business is taking after putting in all those efforts. And it is critically important that you keep a close tab on it. This is particularly true when it concerns social media platforms, which is witnessing new entrants every month. You would wonder looking at the growing popularity and acceptance of newer players like Snap chat and Vine. For the entrepreneur, it is also important to know which investment is going to give him relatively better returns in order to make the best out his moneys. Question is however, should the entrepreneur wait for another new social media platform for future [...]

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Is Your Website Poorly Designed or Outdated?

An outdated or badly conceived website promotes mistrust in the minds of your visitors. A lower rate of conversion from viewers to buyers along with the site’s inability to appear attractive to customers would ultimately result in loss of precious revenue. Thus, it's critical to constantly review the contemporariness and relevance of your website to double-check whether you're appealing to all the business (especially top-quality buyers). Here are a few signs your website is out of sync with what is happening and requires a "re-design": 1. The website was built in HTML "tables." Newer sites will have an edge over older versions that were constructed in tables in both SEO (search engine optimization) and page load speed (which itself is [...]

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Since its birth 3 years ago, Instagram has grown to over 150 million worldwide users, sharing more than 16 billion photos and receiving more than 1 million likes per day. This engaging photo-sharing and editing website/application is owned by Facebook, the world-leading social media platform. This one statistic alone is the reason why businesses all over the world are turning to Instagram to market their brand and services. In order to use Instagram you have to share the images you upload via Facebook. With Facebook close to having 1 billion active users, the ability to market your brand across the globe has never been more accessible. Fellow users, subscribers and followers are able to ‘like’ your uploaded [...]

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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing The Pinterest social media platform is now considered the third most powerful social media service behind Facebook and Twitter. In 2012, in the USA alone, 1,255,255,000 minutes were spent on Pinterest via a laptop or computer, with a further 881,000,000 minutes spent through portable devices including tablets and mobile phones. Pinterest is simply an online Pinboard. It allows users from all over the world, ‘organise and share the things they love’ via images and text. So why the Hype? It is simple; like all other social media platforms, it allows users to join the digital arena and keep up to date with their favourite brands and people by subscribing to their pinboard and posts. It allows businesses [...]

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Successful Facebook Marketing

The first thing you need to understand before you think of marketing on Facebook is the unique opportunities it offers and the basic difference between this and other media. Like you would never use a radio commercial for a TV ad, you cannot market on Facebook, the way you use other media for advertising. Facebook is not a platform for 'hard sell' People perceive Facebook as a platform when they share their stories, jokes, videos and generally relax. Therefore to appeal to this group you too have to join in their conversations rather than act like an outsider who has come to sell something aggressively. Which are the factors that carry the danger of people ‘un following’ you on Facebook? [...]

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Website Design – Its Importance and Usefulness

Web design involves a series of actions that include visualizing, planning and designing electronic media content by using Mark up language and graphics for use on the internet. With the primary aim of marketing goods and services, web designs are meant to lure net users to browse and buy what is being offered. Marketing involves creating a concept based on the ultimate business goal of the marketer; building corporate image and promoting the brand that is marketed. Web design also involves creating meaningful and relevant content that provides useful information to users. There are a number of technical factors which are to be taken in account before to give the final form to the concept. This is a kind of advertising [...]

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Google’s Requirements on SEO

Here is a guide on understanding what Google is requiring from your website to earn a higher position in its search engine results and earn more revenue for your business. It might sound like SEO is such an extremely complicated process for business owners who don’t have the slightest idea on how to handle it. Although SEO is helpful in increasing search engine rankings, it is important to do it professionally. Google SEO performed by a professional SEO company can push your website to rank on the top of search results. It can be very helpful for small-scale business owners since they can’t compete online and get profitable returns. • Targeted Keywords. Selecting the right target keywords is one of [...]

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Use SEO Strategies for a Higher Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a household name. However, many still don’t have a clear idea about what really is SEO. Well, it is nothing but a technique. As its name suggests, this technique optimizes websites for various search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, or Bing. To optimize is to obtain a higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Why this race towards obtaining the first place in search engines? The answer is very simple. When you search information using Google or Yahoo, you will definitely browse many search engine pages and likely will not go beyond the first page. This is the very reason why many webmasters or website owners aspire to [...]

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