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Instagram MarketingSince its birth 3 years ago, Instagram has grown to over 150 million worldwide users, sharing more than 16 billion photos and receiving more than 1 million likes per day. This engaging photo-sharing and editing website/application is owned by Facebook, the world-leading social media platform. This one statistic alone is the reason why businesses all over the world are turning to Instagram to market their brand and services.

In order to use Instagram you have to share the images you upload via Facebook. With Facebook close to having 1 billion active users, the ability to market your brand across the globe has never been more accessible. Fellow users, subscribers and followers are able to ‘like’ your uploaded photos resulting in the exposure of your brand to the masses.
Like all other social media platforms, sharing your uploaded content does not stop with the user who has ‘liked’ your photos. This is then seen by anyone who is following the user who liked your photo on both Instagram and Facebook. This opens up the door to viral social marketing, the new digital version of ‘word of mouth.’

Instagram provides great opportunity to market your services and products online. Its fun, flexible and creative approach gives businesses a chance to create a fun, flexible and creative image in the eye of the potential customer.

Through using a creative and established digital marketing service in CGO Media, your brand can be exposed to the masses via Instagram and instantly increase the volume of traffic to your website.

Along with this, since November 2013, Instagram has also launched an advertising platform that allows businesses to promote their brand via targeted ads. This new management service that we offer ensures that the Instagram marketing we conduct on your business’ behalf achieves an excellent return on investment.

We abide by these four key practices whenever we provide Instagram marketing for our clients:

1. All of our Instagram adverts blend in with your Instagram profile, ensuring consistency throughout.

2. Provide user engagement with both followers and non-followers.

3. We promote your services with specific, targeted ads to increase profile following.

4. Develop a number of social marketing strategies that will aim to expose your brand’s name (including hash tag marketing).

Instagram marketing is now a serious marketing strategy that businesses across the spectrum are using to promote their brand.

Instagram marketing – CGO Media, for Instagram marketing.

To find out more about how we can help your business grow via Instagram marketing and all our other social media services, feel free to contact us.

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