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CGO Media Liverpool is an established search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist agency, with years of experience in ensuring client’s website’s achieve a high Search Engine Ranking, through search engine optimisation (SEO) of their website.

We have a dedicated Liverpool SEO team that thoroughly researches their client’s product or service, as well as the given market they are in to achieve high ranking results and ensure that a rapid return of investment occurs.

We are currently offering a free website site audit, including keyword analysis for all businesses in Liverpool & Merseyside.

CGO Media, for SEO in Liverpool

CGO Media has been helping helping all types of Liverpool businesses increase their online digital presence and reach the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It is a well known fact that most Liverpool customers don’t even navigate beyond the first page of Google, it’s therefore crucial that your business website ranks on page 1 for all the industry-specific keywords for your business.

Our SEO Liverpool experts utilize a whole collection of cutting-edge strategies to get you there. When you hire our seo services for Liverpool businesses, you can rest easy knowing your business is in safe hands.

CGO Media for tailored SEO services in Liverpool.

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seo analysis

See our areas of SEO Liverpool expertise

SEO Audit

Before we start working with any Liverpool business, your website receives a free SEO Audit. From this we can find any negative issues which have or can impede the development of your business. The audit highlights many things including page speed loading, quality of any back links, title tags, trust flow and much more..

Pricing – FREE..

Local SEO

The first step on the ladder if you are a local Liverpool business is to expand your business throughout Liverpool and Merseyside. We build a Google local listing and then target up to 20 keywords which will help you expand your business by up to 50% each year. This will build you local domination in your business sector.

£150 per month

National SEO

Are you looking to expand your Liverpool business nationally? Your brand, product or services can be generating fantastic sales and income from customers across every corner of the UK. Obviously far more expensive than local SEO but with far greater returns on investment. Take the first step today in going national!

£650+ per month

International SEO

Are you wanting to expand your product, service or brand internationally. Based at our Spanish office in Marbella, we have a team of multi-lingual SEO and web specialists that can extend your existing website or build a new one in over 20 languages. We then get it to the top of Google search for those respected countries.

£1500+ per month

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Trusted by Liverpool companies big and small

We specialize in content driven natural Liverpool SEO

CGO Media is a bespoke SEO agency in Liverpool that helps businesses across Liverpool & Merseyside get onto the first page of the search engines for their respective keywords. We specialise in all things SEO, and our clients vary from industry to industry as well as in size and budget, but all share the same goal of wanting to generate large traffic to their websites via search engine optimisation – and this is where we come in.

For 20 years CGO Media has helped businesses in Liverpool grow online and in-turn drastically increase their sales thanks to our online marketing. We implement a variety of industry-recognised white hat SEO practices to ensure that your website gains credibility as well as catapulting your page ranking via the search engines.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – An essential tool in the 21st century

SEO is now becoming the number 1 marketing strategy implemented by businesses not just in Liverpool but across the UK too. It enables the customer to find your products and services at the click of a mouse, rather than your business going out trying to find them. As a result it is by far the best marketing tool to use, providing the best return on investment for businesses in Liverpool

Free Website Analysis

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SEO Liverpool – local, national and international

Our SEO Liverpool service can cater for all sizes of business, whose target market varies. Our ‘Local SEO Liverpool’ service is ideal for small businesses who would like to be found high on the search engines for key searches for specifically related keywords within a town or small geographic area. Alternatively, you may be a much bigger company who sells a product or service across the UK and require a more bespoke specialist SEO service in Liverpool that can get you there. Whichever you require CGO Media is here to help you Liverpool-based business get exposed to the masses.

From the Liverpool city centre our Liverpool SEO agency offers SEO services in the following Merseyside & Wirral areas: Bebington, Birkenhead, Bootle, Crosby, Formby, Halewood, Heswall, Hoylake, Huyton, Kirkby, Maghull, Newton-le-Willows, Prescot, Southport, St Helens, Wallasey and West Kirkby.

SEO Liverpool – FAQ’s

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO denotes the process through which a website or web page can achieve a higher rank in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. SEO implements several strategies in accordance with search engine algorithms to direct organic traffic to websites and web pages.

There is no set cost for ordering SEO services. If you choose to hire local SEO services, it can cost you around £150, whereas if you want to develop your business throughout the UK or internationally, the SEO services can cost you significantly higher. Nonetheless, the cost for hiring SEO services as per your requirements can be computed easily. If you want a ball-park of how much SEO can cost for your needs, send us an email. We will revert with a few examples of SEO costs for the services that our customers have ordered.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing encompasses the strategies that are implemented to direct both organic and paid traffic to a particular website. On the other hand, SEO only utilised unpaid traffic to boost a website’s visibility on SERPs. SEM is, thus, much more expansive than SEO, and the latter merely constitutes a part of the SEM tactics.

Both Pay per Click (PPC) and SEO are important strategies that can help to boost a website’s visibility on search engines. While SEO is more cost-effective and can help you to uphold your website’s high rank on SERPs, PPC can help to generate traffic from targeted visitors by optimising keywords, demographics and even location.

On-page SEO involves implementing strategies that can help to optimise the content of individual web pages, to rank higher on SERPs. With on-page SEO, both the HTML source code of a page and its content are optimised.

It can be difficult to predict how much time a particular website may take to rank higher on SERPs after the implementation of SEO. It can take between a few weeks and can even go up to 6 months or more. There are several factors like niche competition and effectiveness of optimisation that can influence the time taken for SEO strategies to start working.

Since Google constantly updates its algorithms, it can be difficult to guarantee if SEO can always provide the desired results. However, with our services, we can guarantee easy navigability and pleasant viewing experience for visitors of your website.

All of your activities are documented and then integrated into our SEO tools. We will also help you to understand the basic functionality of Google tools, through which you can track our activities more easily. In addition, we will provide a monthly report on your search phrases are performing.

Yes, absolutely! You can generate great results from local SEO by putting your tasks into my business and getting them optimised for local streets and cities.


Why you need SEO Liverpool for your business?

Around 92% of people use Google to search for a service!

Also in your market there are almost certainly keywords (search terms) that are searched 1,000 – 10,000 times a month.

For this reason, a leading position in the search engine is associated with a huge sales potential. And makes very expensive TV, print, radio and outdoor advertising almost superfluous.

Many companies have recognized this, which has led to a high level of competition for the highest-selling search terms. In addition, Google’s search engines are constantly evolving. And there are always new changes.

These and more are reasons why it is essential to hire a professional SEO Liverpool agency if you want to become a dominant internet presence in your market in no time, so as to significantly increase your sales.

What sets us apart from any other SEO agency in Liverpool?

CGO Media operates the strongest search engine optimization in Europe. We have the knowledge and tools to bring your website to number 1 – 10 in Google search, even in high competition within a few months. Our team detects changes in the search algorithm at an early stage. And takes preventive measures to ensure that you keep your top position in Google search in the long term. So that you can continue to have a high influx of customers. For more revenue and growth of your business.

The key to SEO Liverpool success

Keyword Research

Depending on your need for visitor flow – whether customers, business partners or simply more visitors are ready to buy. Let’s find out which matching search terms have the most potential.

Off-Page Optimization

We bring your site the right link recommendations from other sites. We ensure that the recommendation comes from healthy, topic-relevant & strong sides. And additionally bring with it an influx of visitors. This will make you an ever-growing online authority.

On-Page Optimization

We optimize the texts of your site so that the right readers can find you quickly.

Our  Seo services in Liverpool

If you are an entrepreneur and want to improve the visibility of your company on the Internet… then it is very likely that you have heard of online marketing, search engine marketing or an internet agency. The amount of benefits (turnover, new customers, etc.) that online marketing brings to your company are immense. It can indeed help take your business to the next level and compete with the biggest and most successful companies online.

That being said, it is also very likely that you are looking for the best SEO agency in the UK that is able to help you. We also have locations in Manchester, Leeds, London and Europe. With expertise in search engine optimization Google & web design. For which Seo consultant or search engine optimization agency you should decide at the end of the day, we will come later…

If search engine optimization is still new territory for them, it is beneficial to have the wide range of benefits in mind that SEO optimization will bring to your business. In the following we present the most important: Google Ranking Optimization helps to improve the visibility of your company (on the Internet).

One of the most important concepts that are decisive in the work of an SEO company are the search terms (also keywords). With the help of keywords – which have been designed according to a specific customer base – it can help you win a certain target group of customers! In addition, the search terms are not even limited to a specific geographical location. If the keywords are designed correctly, they can also be applied to different customer segments and geographic areas.

Liverpool SEO agency

A branding process: There is absolutely no doubt that a SEO expert can help you! This generates a greater amount of attention and revenue for your business. If you have an online shop, it is important that you order a website optimization. As a tax consultant, we recommend our law firm marketing. If you would like to apply to our internet agency, please contact us on our jobs page.

On the other hand, even if very few people actually know about it, SEO Marketing aka Search Engine Optimization can also be used as a branding process. This is because with the help of a higher etching in Google search and an improved design of the website… your company name remains in the minds of the target customers. This helps to increase the credibility of your company. Internet customers tend to pin your company’s credibility on how high you are in Google search. If, for example, they are in a niche – let’s take internet marketing, for example – for the most searched terms at the top -> you are considered credible. E.g. for search terms like: SEO Liverpool / SEO Agency Liverpool /  SEO Services Liverpool.

A big focus for us is to get you the right back links

Back links play a key role. They are an essential feature that determines the value of the site for the search engines. These are specifically links that link to your own page. However, not only the number of steering is of great importance, but also the link quality. Only if a page receives many links from high-quality pages, it is placed higher in the search ads.

The entire off-page optimization area is basically concerned with this topic. To determine the quality of a page and thus its back links, the page rank is a useful metric. Named after Google co-founder Larry Page, this value indicates how high-quality a page is, and thus its back links. It can assume a page rank from 0 to 10, where 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Pages with a high page rank have many links from different pages, which is due to valuable and unique content. If this page now links to another website, this back link is of enormous value.

Thus, in off-page optimization, it is important to generate links from pages that have a higher page rank than you do. On the one hand, this can be done passively by producing high-quality content and thus voluntarily linking website operators to it. Or you can actively generate links. Both options are shown in the following section.

SEO Liverpool – A good advice for your company

• Please: The easiest way to get back links is to ask other site operators for them. However, it must be ensured that the contents of both pages fit together in some way. Since the link is only set one-sided, this measure is not very promising. Instead, the next strategy should be applied.

• Exchange: When exchanging links, the websites link to each other. This has the advantage that both sides receive a back link. The problem with this, however, is that only pages with the same page rank benefit from it. If the pages have different page ranks, the higher of the two gives a certain portion of its value, which weakens its rank in the long run.

• Content on third parties: This is the most common and elegant solution. In this case, the site operator benefits from the free added value for its users and the content creator receives a free back link. In doing so, he can create the topic exactly for the respective target group.

• High-quality content: Unique content, effective WordPress plugins that add value to the user are the best strategies for link generation. After all, anyone who delivers content that is nowhere else and that captivates users draws attention to themselves. As a result, other websites voluntarily link to their own page. This can be done in the form of well-researched reports, informative texts, funny pictures or exciting videos. The possibilities are almost endless.

SEO Liverpool generating a high return on investment (ROI)

One of the best ROI’s in the digital marketing economy. Any kind of activity you make for your business to get more out of the investment you’ve made. The same is the case with SEO Liverpool marketing. As one of the best ROIs in the business, there is little chance that you will be wrong with this decision if the work is of course carried out by experts.

Why us?

If another SEO Liverpool company cannot rank above us organically, how can they manage to bring your company to #1?



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