Social MediaNo matter how cleverly and strategically your marketing efforts are designed, what is important to follow is the direction your business is taking after putting in all those efforts. And it is critically important that you keep a close tab on it. This is particularly true when it concerns social media platforms, which is witnessing new entrants every month. You would wonder looking at the growing popularity and acceptance of newer players like Snap chat and Vine. For the entrepreneur, it is also important to know which investment is going to give him relatively better returns in order to make the best out his moneys. Question is however, should the entrepreneur wait for another new social media platform for future investments or be ready to invest in the existing platforms. Is there any point in waiting for another Facebook to appear on the scene?

Social media marketing: some trend shifts predicted for 2014

Sites that focus on images and videos should attract more growth

Pinterest, Tumblr, Snap chat, Vine are some of the newer players in the social media scene which are attracting more number of users. One of the most ruling strategies for social media sites would be to include videos, quality visual content and images, thereby giving companies a chance to open up a dialogue with the end-users in a new and innovative way. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, you should take appropriate action to ensure that your image and video content should be presentable and relevant to these new social media sites. For instance, if you are in the business of restaurants, your image/video content should be that of the premises and menu, and not of you vacationing in the Bahamas.

The growing importance of Google+

Google+ has now incorporated various new ways by which people can communicate on YouTube. Additionally Google+ gives you an extra advantage with SEO and importance of Google authorship which gives writers to own full rights to the contents and if they are successful, more articles by the same authors will win top slots in Google search engine. Many start-up businesses could have a second look at Google+ in order to make an entry into the social media network because of the enormous benefits that Google+ offers. Moreover, Google+ profiles are not as boring and static as one sees in Facebook profiles but can be used profitably by companies to expand their social media reach.

Investing in social media marketing is no longer another marketing effort but an absolute necessity

Though people had been talking about the importance of social media, many refrained from using them for their marketing, because of lack of time. However, very soon, this is going to be compulsory if you want to build up a relationship with your target audience and have your presence felt in the market. We all know about the kind of time people are spending online – and chances are that out of those people many may be your potential customers.

The bigger tragedy is if you do not have any presence in social media, your customers are bound to go to a competitor. Social media presence helps in creating brand awareness, establishes brand presence and creates customer loyalty through continued and supportive relationships. Thus it is imperative that you integrate social media in your overall marketing plan in order to increase web traffic and more than that improve revenue.

LinkedIn: to be used more by business owners

You need to remember that many of your customers need not be household customers. There could be several business owners whose needs are way different from the usual household consumer. For example, your marketing efforts need a different approach, the way you communicate with them is different and the manner in which buying decisions are made are also different.

For instance, when Peter goes to the supermarket, he makes up his mind regarding what foods he wants to buy. But when a company wishes to make a purchase, various departments as well as top management may have to be consulted before a decision is made. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to talk to these decision makers through sites like LinkedIn as it helps in nurturing goodwill and builds sustainable relationships.

There is also this LinkedIn influencer program to consider which allows various industry leaders to share their thoughts and knowledge. When you liaise with these industry leaders, people become more aware of your existence which in turn increase brand awareness.

MySpace: holds great future growth potential

Chances are that you would have heard about this site, one of the first social media sites operative between 2005 and 2008. However with the growing popularity of Facebook, MySpace lost out to competition with more and more people switching over to Facebook. But the modern appearance of MySpace is very different from what it used to be. They have completely revamped their site which allows people to listen to their favourite bands and music. This renovation could have been the handiwork of Justin Timberlake who along with Specific Media bought MySpace in 2011. Additionally MySpace provides the facility for iPhone app which allows users to share their favourite music, photos and also listen to radio. If you operate in the music business, then MySpace is an important consideration for your marketing efforts.

What you have just read above is some of the future trends you are likely to witness in 2014 and how these shifts in trends would impact our lives. If you would like a personal discussion on how CGO Media can help you or your company with social media marketing in 2014, then please contact us.