Social Media Marketing for 2014

No matter how cleverly and strategically your marketing efforts are designed, what is important to follow is the direction your business is taking after putting in all those efforts. And it is critically important that you keep a close tab on it. This is particularly true when it concerns social media platforms, which is witnessing new entrants every month. You would wonder looking at the growing popularity and acceptance of newer players like Snap chat and Vine. For the entrepreneur, it is also important to know which investment is going to give him relatively better returns in order to make the best out his moneys. Question is however, should the entrepreneur wait for another new social media platform for future [...]

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Since its birth 3 years ago, Instagram has grown to over 150 million worldwide users, sharing more than 16 billion photos and receiving more than 1 million likes per day. This engaging photo-sharing and editing website/application is owned by Facebook, the world-leading social media platform. This one statistic alone is the reason why businesses all over the world are turning to Instagram to market their brand and services. In order to use Instagram you have to share the images you upload via Facebook. With Facebook close to having 1 billion active users, the ability to market your brand across the globe has never been more accessible. Fellow users, subscribers and followers are able to ‘like’ your uploaded [...]

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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing The Pinterest social media platform is now considered the third most powerful social media service behind Facebook and Twitter. In 2012, in the USA alone, 1,255,255,000 minutes were spent on Pinterest via a laptop or computer, with a further 881,000,000 minutes spent through portable devices including tablets and mobile phones. Pinterest is simply an online Pinboard. It allows users from all over the world, ‘organise and share the things they love’ via images and text. So why the Hype? It is simple; like all other social media platforms, it allows users to join the digital arena and keep up to date with their favourite brands and people by subscribing to their pinboard and posts. It allows businesses [...]

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Successful Facebook Marketing

The first thing you need to understand before you think of marketing on Facebook is the unique opportunities it offers and the basic difference between this and other media. Like you would never use a radio commercial for a TV ad, you cannot market on Facebook, the way you use other media for advertising. Facebook is not a platform for 'hard sell' People perceive Facebook as a platform when they share their stories, jokes, videos and generally relax. Therefore to appeal to this group you too have to join in their conversations rather than act like an outsider who has come to sell something aggressively. Which are the factors that carry the danger of people ‘un following’ you on Facebook? [...]

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