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Pinterest MarketingThe Pinterest social media platform is now considered the third most powerful social media service behind Facebook and Twitter. In 2012, in the USA alone, 1,255,255,000 minutes were spent on Pinterest via a laptop or computer, with a further 881,000,000 minutes spent through portable devices including tablets and mobile phones.

Pinterest is simply an online Pinboard. It allows users from all over the world, ‘organise and share the things they love’ via images and text.

So why the Hype?
It is simple; like all other social media platforms, it allows users to join the digital arena and keep up to date with their favourite brands and people by subscribing to their pinboard and posts. It allows businesses and brands to market to their target audience via pinning engaging content to their pinboard, from which their subscribers can re-pin their content. This creates a viral effect of your subscribers spreading your brand and message across the world wide web, effectively marketing your business for you. It is, in a way, the digital marketing version of ‘word of mouth’.

Using Pinterest to promote your business can therefore have a great impact on brand awareness and in turn sales. But in order to execute it correctly you would need to have a clear understanding of how to maximise Pinterest for your business’ benefit and implement a striking marketing strategy that will ensure you continue to engage with your subscribers rather than just simply attempt to sell your services.

With this in mind, many businesses across the globe are turning to CGO Media to help with their Pinterest marketing requirements. With over 8 years experience with social media marketing, we are in an advantageous position as we know and understand how to market our clients via the Pinterest platform. We are able to ensure that our clients’ brands are exposed to the masses, helping to increase brand awareness and in turn develop your business’ online presence.

How does it work?
We will set up and manage your business’ Pinterest Pinboard, adding engaging-related content on a weekly basis, to ensure your subscribers stay interested in your brand. From there we will generate more subscribers to your Pinterest pin board, helping to develop your brand across the internet.

Pinterest marketing – CGO Media, for Pinterest marketing.

To find out more about how we can help your business grow via Pinterest marketing and all our other social media services, feel free to contact us.

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