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Social MediaSocial Media Marketing is the idea of marketing your business and services through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc.

Social Media websites can be generalised as websites where users inter react, engage and socialise, not only with the websites but with fellow internet users as well. Each social media platform has its own unique style, performing different social actions compared to the rest.

Facebook for example is the complete social media site, offering a range of services including status updates, content upload, sharing liking, event set up, video sharing, amongst many others. Twitter on the other hand, is solely based on short, to the point status updates and trending hash tags, that often trend throughout the social media platform as well as across the rest of the web.

Why would a marketer, or search engine websites, care about social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter then?

Social Media always provides new content, which the every-day user can post. As well as this, social media users search for social media content within the platforms themselves; combine this with the fact that social media is used for SEO purposed (back linking), social media marketing is readily becoming the must-used strategy for social media marketers.

Social media marketing – CGO Media, for social media marketing.

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