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About CGO Media

CGO Media is an award winning digital media agency
working for leading brands & clients worldwide

Our services are simply bespoke. From creative and innovative website design, to the essential services of SEO and social media marketing, we provide a comprehensive digital marketing service for our clients.

Whether you are a rising SME or a multi-national global business, we have a range of services that will increase your online productivity and in turn increase the power of your brand, and sales.

What we do?

We capture the digital world & make it work for our clients

Client Success are a worldwide based online retailer of luxury cashmere pashmina shawls. Their products include a handmade cashmere pashmina collection made from the highest cashmere grade chyangra pashmina as well as a high quality Italian pashmina collection. We built their website on WordPress with the eCommerce platform WooCommerce and installed the leading Stripe payment system.

From there we have taken the website from not ranking to page 1 across numerous worldwide SERPS including the US, UK and Australia. We’ve achieved this by implementing our successful SEO strategy and incorporated a range of other aspects including ETSY and Google Shopping.

Pashminas and Wraps has now developed its business by selling on Amazon in both Europe and the USA and Canada. Our content writing team produced their amazon listing optimization service which has successfully listed their products on the 1st page of Amazon. is a global brand of natural supplements. We have developed this brands online prescence from zero to be an online shopping experience for 1,000’s of daily online customers. The Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills are formulated with all natural ingredients including melatonin & valerian. These sleeping pills or sleep aids (as they are known on different continents) are now a global bestseller.

The brand operates to a multi-national audience. We have developed country specific Dr Backhaus websites to target those niche areas. Three examples of this can be found for the Swedish, Danish and the Spanish market. is an online media company that provides information on getting pregnant, pregnancy, baby, toddler and preschool, including baby, toddler and child information, development, milestones & stages for parents and expecting parents.

From it’s inception in early 2015 – ThePLab has grown to be an authoritative website on parenting from the inception of getting pregnant until the preschool years of a 4-5 year old. It’s highly popular pages include: choosing baby names, the pregnancy calculator, pregnancy symptoms, signs of pregnancy, pregnancy week by week, pregnancy stages and its celebrity news section that provides up to date breaking news..

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CGO Media is a full in house digital media agency dedicated
to crafting meaningful web design, copywriting, seo & social media.

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