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Roger is one of the early pioneers of SEO in the 1990’s, both in Europe and the USA. In 2000 Roger set up CGO Media which has grown over the last 20 years to be the #1 SEO agency in Europe.

Useful Writing Tips for SEO Optimized Content

In professional SEO, it has always been considered that link building is very vital. It is an effective means of achieving greater online traffic to one’s website and gaining a better online visibility. Among the most significant ways of obtaining this is by creating valuable SEO articles and content. You don’t have to be worried about SEO. Writing articles for your website content is simple as long as you follow the various guidelines set. Here are some of the guidelines suggested by many SEO professionals and copywriters. •Write articles relevant to your website’s niche. Well, this is simple to understand. After all, why should you write anything that is not related to your website? For example, if your website is [...]

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Make use of these free SEO Tips

Today, most of us know how powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for any online business. SEO is the technique which can help in your website promotion and bring about higher search engine rankings in major search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. When your website reaches high search engine rankings, the number of visitor flow to your website increases. This means that you will have more revenue generated. Use the proper and appropriate keywords. The backbone of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will depend on the choice of the keywords being used. When you’re optimizing your website, you need to remember the requirements and standards of search engines. You have to be very clear about your choices of keywords. [...]

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The Most Common SEO Questions and Answers

In order for your website to become more visible to online visitors, you should implement the right SEO methods in order to help you rank higher in the major search engines. Stay away from the most common mistakes and use recognized practices which are safe and effective are considered the only “right” way to go about performing SEO. Many have found techniques and the time it takes to execute these strategies. These strategies are too-time consuming so they decide that they want to increase their website traffic and find a reliable SEO company. However, prior to deciding to increase their website traffic and obtain natural results with a reliable SEO company, it is extremely significant for you (as the website [...]

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Rational Tips for Organic SEO Marketing

Organic SEO marketing is the best optimization tactic which can boost your general rankings and achieve profitability for your business. Website optimization is a very vital part of your online business. It serves as a deciding factor for the failure and success of a business. This form of search engine marketing is ethical, but it takes a long time before you achieve great results. Below are some tips to help you optimize your website through organic SEO marketing. Choosing the right keywords Every effective and successful SEO will involve the selection and usage of the appropriate keywords. You must pay particular attention to smaller details if you desire to gain or earn better rankings. You need to remember one significant [...]

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Why Is SEO Important to Small Businesses?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website visible to the search engines by achieving higher rankings on their search results. People use different search engines to gather any information they are searching for on the web. Google, Yahoo, Bing are just among the major search engines used by many today. There are many small businesses who have started to practice the use of SEO in order to promote their business online. Writing high-quality articles and distributing them in major article directories are just among the many SEO best practices that a business owner can do to provide a boost to their website in increasing their online traffic. By correctly positioning a link on an article back to [...]

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The Fundamentals of Mobile SEO

Search engine optimization for mobile devices or mobile SEO is rapidly gaining a lot of attention these days. Since more and more people are purchasing smartphones and using them to surf the internet, website optimization targeted towards users connecting through mobile devices is increasing dramatically. There is a common opinion that mobile SEO is different from website optimization for desktops. Many even perceive that mobile device search is fully different than that of the mainstream variety. Additionally, special tactics exist to boost rankings on mobile search results pages. There are special methods to generate more traffic from users with mobile devices. However, all these are myths. There is an insignificant difference between mobile search and standard laptop or desktop search. Even the [...]

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SEO in Black and White

SEO or Search Engine Optimization takes several different forms. It is not all about just having the appropriate keywords in the correct places. Undeniably, even with keywords, people can sometimes take things to the extreme. Generally, there are two types of SEO- one considered as good SEO while the other is bad. White hat SEO versus Black hat SEO will show you what to do and what to avoid. Avoid Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO is recognized unfair against legitimate sites and even manipulative of search engines. It has earned its name “black hat” because of its negative design of SEO and the attempts of its creators to boost their rankings and push out other sites by tactics which [...]

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The Fundamentals of SEO

For any website to become successful, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is of paramount importance. SEO comprises a wide range of tactics employed to have a website gain more traffic via search engines. Search Engine Optimization is about making the best use of the readability of your website by computers or humans. With the right and superior SEO, you can gain an added boost over your competitors. If you have never thought of SEO, it might be a good time to consider it. SEO might be the missing link for your website to gain momentum in gaining more online traffic and achieving higher rankings in search engines. Use SEO: Why Should You? Over the past years, SEO has gained and [...]

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Employing SEO in the Appropriate Avenue

Organic Search Engine Optimization primarily steers SEO. It is responsible for making a website to be search engine-friendly. It fine tunes the SEO sectors and widens a distribution network which enables the website to have almost consistent and top searches on all the major search engines. Search Engine Ranking Services are interwoven platforms which permits trouble-free feeds pertinent to the systems of search engines. A number of SEO firms offer original and unique content, exceptional link building techniques, and possess expert knowledge of site structure. These firms are skilful in performing research on relevant keywords of a website. All of these specialists are familiar with the ideas and guidelines in web analytics. This step helps your website to gain the [...]

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What Should Your SEO Content Be

Maybe you have heard this “Content is King!” However, in SEO, you have to be very cautious when creating your content. There are certain essentials that your SEO content must contain if you want your website to earn higher rankings and gain increased online traffic. • Quality. Search engines appreciate SEO content with high quality, as well as by web users. Quality content will help you earn higher ranking and encourage people to come back to your website. When you are creating written content (such as articles, press release, blog posts, or any other content used for optimization and online marketing), you need to make sure that the quality is ideal and impeccable. There should be no room for grammatical [...]

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