SEOSEO or Search Engine Optimization takes several different forms. It is not all about just having the appropriate keywords in the correct places. Undeniably, even with keywords, people can sometimes take things to the extreme. Generally, there are two types of SEO- one considered as good SEO while the other is bad. White hat SEO versus Black hat SEO will show you what to do and what to avoid.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is recognized unfair against legitimate sites and even manipulative of search engines. It has earned its name “black hat” because of its negative design of SEO and the attempts of its creators to boost their rankings and push out other sites by tactics which many search engines now beat off automatically.

Often, keyword spamming is one of the manipulative SEO practices. People will try to put in as many different keywords as possible into their content in order to convince search engines that their website is worth retrieval. Other negative practices include the addition of micro text at the bottom of the pages as well as invisible text. Search engines will all see these, but site visitors will never see them. Therefore, no one will know why that certain site was included in the search results page. Spamming can happen in meta tags and meta descriptions as well.

Link farming is another black hat SEO practice where site creator will trade links with multiple sites just to convince the search bot that his website is more popular than it is actually is. When search engines look around and see other websites linking to yours, they may make it look like as though your website is prevalent within multiple circles. However, search bots are smarter and will regularly be able to see through your bad schemes.

Another Black Hat trick is doorway pages. All these pages are made to look useful to a search engine. However, it has not done anything other than directing visitors to a different page. They contain nothing of value and are only to there to trick search engines to consider them relevant.

Put on that White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat. White Hat SEO includes good and legitimate tactics of SEO that you can find working these days. When it comes to keywords, white hat SEO pushes the use of popular keywords. This practice continually makes sure they are refreshed with relevant content and keyword density remains consistent. Once you get outside the usual keyword density, you start to look as though you are spamming and may start to wander in the direction of Black hat SEO.

Skip link farming and go and speak with creators of blogs and other legitimate websites. You can request them to add a link to your site. If they want to, they will. Sometimes, you won’t even have to ask creators. Genuine inbound links are looked upon constructively by search engines and give you an authenticity that link farming doesn’t.

When it comes to doorway pages, you need to skip those and instead create pages which contain all sort of usable content. This will allow you yo spread out your information, use additional keywords, and achieve a better opportunity to be found. Similarly, you can include keywords with H1, H2, and H3 tags which will interest search bots as they crawl your website.

Skip black hat SEO techniques. You need to work hard on white hat SEO. The results mean steady online traffic and greater online visibility.