SEOSearch engine optimization for mobile devices or mobile SEO is rapidly gaining a lot of attention these days. Since more and more people are purchasing smartphones and using them to surf the internet, website optimization targeted towards users connecting through mobile devices is increasing dramatically.

There is a common opinion that mobile SEO is different from website optimization for desktops. Many even perceive that mobile device search is fully different than that of the mainstream variety. Additionally, special tactics exist to boost rankings on mobile search results pages. There are special methods to generate more traffic from users with mobile devices. However, all these are myths. There is an insignificant difference between mobile search and standard laptop or desktop search. Even the results from both cases are similar. There isn’t any discernible difference.

Nevertheless, in mobile SEO, there is one significant part that is significant to look into. This is called mobile search engine trans coding. It means, when you are using Google web search on a mobile device, search results show similar to when viewed on a standard computer or laptop. However, when it is clicked, Google will display the given page through its renderer. All surplus images are stripped. The result will be a lighter page, but it can have less appeal.

Formatting for mobile SEO optimization has a number of disadvantages for website owners and administrator’s. Some of the disadvantages are poor design of pages which are viewed, absence of corporate colors, absence of user tracking and poor usability. This is specifically harsh for web pages which have many navigation links at the top. It’s possible that users will be forced to browse via a number of pages before they arrive at their desired content.

Nonetheless, there are expectations to mobile engine trans coding. Reformatting may not happen at all. It depends upon the type of mobile devices with lesser capabilities. These mobile devices have inadequate memory to render a web page with all CSSs and Java Scripts. A trans coded view is seen when mobile devices without OS or operating systems is used to access a website. However, if you are using an iPhone, pages can be viewed normally.

Google will examine the content on every page in order to judge whether it is light enough to be viewed on mobile devices. In such cases, this is applicable on web pages that are particularly designed for mobile devices, Website optimization for mobile devices thereby refers to the process which avert mobile search transcoding. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a second version of the website in a much leaner form. It must preferably in XHTML Basic or XHTML Mobile. The mobile version for mobile devices mush be displayed depending on the user agent variable. The functionality mentioned above must be done on every web page of the website and not limited only to the home page. In a sentence, mobile SEO optimization means higher conversion rates for your business.