SEO in ManchesterFor any website to become successful, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is of paramount importance. SEO comprises a wide range of tactics employed to have a website gain more traffic via search engines. Search Engine Optimization is about making the best use of the readability of your website by computers or humans.

With the right and superior SEO, you can gain an added boost over your competitors. If you have never thought of SEO, it might be a good time to consider it. SEO might be the missing link for your website to gain momentum in gaining more online traffic and achieving higher rankings in search engines.

Use SEO: Why Should You?

Over the past years, SEO has gained and increased its popularity in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So that you will entirely understand SEO and its significance in websites, you first need to be fully aware of HTML and its fundamentals.

Google and other search engines have hundreds and thousands of computers all around the globe (data centres) that crawl (robot) the worldwide web daily in order to search for new or updated websites. All these robots surf the Internet similarly as we do. However, these robots don’t understand websites similarly like how humans do. Since they can’t see the colours or the appearance of a page, robots see your website as special text or HTML.

Now, HTML describes your website completely. The robots will look at HTML and measure or determine various factors about your website.

Some of these factors will include:

• Everything about your website- its content, all written text, and images.
• Your website’s structure, as well as where your links go and which pages relate to other pages.
• Key Element positions on your pages

Those are just some of the factors which search engines like Google tests. These tests are referred to as algorithms. Many experts believe that Google’s algorithms make at most 200 tests per page.

With all the data gathered, Google will rank your website along a multitude of other websites and provides each website a score. Google will score your website from 0 to 10 and will be considered as your Google Page Rank. The higher your score is, the higher your rank in SERPs. In order to check your Google Page Rank, you can download Google Toolbar which has the features like Page Rank and Page Rank Toolbar.

Search engines can better serve its users by providing them with pertinent websites relating to their every search query.

Simple SEO

Title Tags. All HTML pages contains a title tag located in the of your HTML page. Search engines will first check the title tag. This is referred to as the title of your page.

It is very crucial to choose the right text to include in your title tag. You must remember that each web page must have a different and unique title (a title which expresses the current page you are on). Your title tags will appear in the tabs of the browser window. This will be used by Google as the primary link for that page in their search results.

You should be aware that Google will penalize your ranking if your title tags are copied across a site, spammy, or longer than 60 characters.

Meta Tags. With its multiple uses on websites, meta tags’ most basic function is often overlooked. The 2 primary meta tags for SEO are Keywords and Description tags. The aim of these tags is to provide search engines more organized data about each page.

The Keywords tags will tell a search engine about the group of keywords which best describes a web page. This tag shouldn’t be longer than 255 characters and every keyword should appear on the page. Commonly, this tag has been abused by a number of websites by stuffing in popular search items or keywords on a page.

However, there a number of websites who stopped relying on the keywords tag as a useful tool in gauging a website. It is mainly because of keyword stuffing on a page and better results generated when the whole web page content is read.

On the other hand, the Description tag is used to provide a brief summary of a page. It usually contains vital information about the page. Google makes use of the description tag as the small black text which displays under a search results main link on a search results page. This text is very important since it is the first impression a client will know about your website. This Description tag shouldn’t be longer than 160 characters.

Fonts. Not only can this be overlooked, but it can also be very confusing.

Let us consider the following title on a web page.

Overlooking the fact is not very descriptive. The primary problem is it’s an image. When you click and hold your mouse over it, you should be able to grab the image around without even selecting the text.

By doing such typography, there are a few certain issues to consider. It can be inaccessible. Often, blind people use the internet and concealing important text on images will make it impossible for them to use your website.

Additionally, partially-sighted people, who might have trouble reading your font size, can’t use the built-in commands of a browser in order to read your website at a comfortable font size which suits them.

If your users want to copy and past your content for another time, relevant information will be lost in the image if the text is not selectable.

Since search engine robots don’t scan images for text to tank your site, it can have a huge effect on your page ranking.

Now, current internet browsers support web fonts using the @font-face css rule. Essentially, this will eliminate the need for embedded text in images. If images can’t be avoided, it is exceptionally recommended to use alt=”” and title=”” attributes to help describe the image to search engines.

Content. A key to any good and successful website is good content. Original and unique content is definitely King. Content is primarily the reason why someone visits your website. It can be your latest blog post or latest product or service. Your website’s content plays a major role in generating online traffic.

Search engine robots are very clever to process the content of your website. Google knows what makes an excellent website, so their robots can tell if a website is stealing other people’s content or if you are not updating your site regularly.

It should be your main priority to place high-quality and original content on your website. Websites aren’t allowed to go out of date and become stale due to no regular updates. Contemporary CMS can help manage your website in order to bring what your customers are looking for.

White Hat versus Black Hat SEO

It is important to stress out that not all SEO is good SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a serious and big business, yet it is often abused.

Generally, SEO can be categorized into two:

White Hat and Black Hat.

White Hat SEO is allowed and considered all right. This kind of SEO is generally what was described above along with more advanced SEO techniques. Usually, White Hat SEO is anything which is isn’t trying to abuse and exploit the knowledge of search engines to maximize rankings and online traffic.

Always focus on White Hat SEO which is fair SEO. If not, you can be heavily penalized by Google for abusing their systems.