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Twitter MarketingIn an effort to gain on Facebook in its dominance of the social media world, Twitter has changed its design policies for companies and brands, these include a bucketful of new features to its social platform, including aesthetic changes to the home page and user profiles.

In the past brands had always been able to create profiles on Twitter, with the sole intention of allowing the brand to push its content to its followers and really only respond to customers requests.

Things have now changed and we at CGO Media are now able to interact with clients Twitter followers in much the same way as we have been doing with our clients Facebook brands.

This major step forward by Twitter includes the following changes for brand pages:

Featured content on your Twitter profile: Promote a product or service, as well
as a latest offer by highlighting your post at the top of your business’ timeline at no extra cost. If your engaging Tweet contains an embedded link to a photo or video for example, Twitter will automatically expand that content to enable a play option of the media provided within the Twitter timeline itself.

Customisable brand page: Brands can customise their page completely, even better than Facebook, this includes customisable headers, taglines, logos etc, whilst being able to colour match the background etc to match the brands corporate colors.

Mobile devices: Users will have a more consistent experience across platforms, including mobile devices.

Heineken Twitter Page

Heineken’s brand page

Our Twitter Overview

Increase your brand’s presence on Twitter and expose to the masses. Enhanced Twitter business profile pages are perfect for:

  • Generating a more engaging service for your audience and potential customers with visual branding
  • Focusing on your business’ most relevant and appealing content, for the masses to see
  • Driving traffic from Twitter to your website for latest offers, services and products

Getting Results with your Twitter Business Profile Page

Deliver your message to more Twitter users: In addition to Twitter’s renowned # (hashtag), engage further with an array of online marketing techniques to gain a more rich brand experience.

Give the user what they want: Provide Twitter followers with exclusive content, the Twitter army love anything exclusive – Promote your exclusive offer via a simple, but effective Tweet via your business’ profile page. Whether you have a new product that is ready to launch or simply want to shift some over-expiring stock, Twitter enables you to deliver a real-time message to the masses!

Keep it Refreshing: Keep your content refreshing, never focus too much on the same thing. Engage with your users, don’t just sell your services. The same applies to the general look and feel of the profile page itself. Continue to top it up with new content, slight alterations to the overall feel and promote new tweets continuously. Simply, keep your users coming back!

Online consumers love sweepstakes and contests: It’s a fact, figures show that over 80% of all internet users have entered into either an online sweepstakes or contest in the last 12 months, while another 50% have entered into them at least once a month. Creating an online sweepstake or contest is synonymous in taking advantage of human nature’s attraction to the game of chance.

Expose your brand: Contests offer an effective way to expose your brand to lots of people on Facebook. Essay contests will get you the most entries, if that is your goal. Photos also offer an immersive experience for users. And video, though will bring in the least amount of entries of the three, will provide a higher quality experience for users.

Twitter marketing – CGO Media, for Twitter marketing.

To find out more about how we can help your business grow via Twitter marketing and all our other social media services, feel free to contact us.

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