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Google Plus One MarketingGoogle Plus One gets conversations going. Buy clicking the Google Plus One button you are  giving something your public stamp of approval. Then, if you want to share right away, add a comment and send it to the right circles on Google Plus.

The next time your friends and contacts search on Google, they could see your Google Plus One. You’ll help them find the best stuff on the web – and you might just start up another conversation!

Google Plus One votes аre verу similar to Facebook Fans or Likes. Only that Google Plus One votes do make significant results to your rankings (SERPs) with Google. Google Plus One votes are seen by viewers as a sign of confidence that your site is popular and has been reviewed positively by other Google followers.

In terms of your business, what does Google Plus One mean for you?

With Google now considering Google Plus One as an factoring algorithm in determining the organic growth of all websites, is it essential your business starts to re-consider its overall SEO social media strategy. Based on Google’s continuous adaptations of how it organically ranks websites and the fact that it is the market leader in the search engine industry (and by some distance), businesses are going to have to adhere to Google’s updated rules and guidelines for white label search engine optimisation (SEO). In order to react fast to the new additional algorithms that Google has introduced, your business will need to create and maintain a Google Plus One account, ensuring you maintain as well as improve the organic stature of your business’ website.

Google Plus One’s are great for website recognition from Google. When a user ‘Plus One’s’ your website, it notifies Google that your website has been liked by somebody. This new algorithm that Google has added for determining higher ranked websites, means it is now an essential factor that webmasters must implement in order to organically grow their website more quickly. Add in the fact, that Google Plus One also sends a notification to the friend list of the user who liked your website, means maximum online brand exposure can be achieved by simply implementing this new marketing technique.

See what Google has to say in this short video.

Google Plus One marketing – CGO Media, for Google Plus One marketing.

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