Types of Content That Can Impact Your Business Post-lockdown

While the corona virus pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, claiming by the thousands daily, its effect of fear and alarm is certainly on the decline. The UK government has relaxed the lock-down to levels where it feels like business-as-usual. And, now more than ever, people are turning to content, to know and understand how the businesses are changing around them, how they’re adapting, and how they are available to customers. The Lockdown Story Perhaps this is the first time in decades that businesses have had to adapt to marked conditional alterations within a single year, or even, only 4 months. The first was when businesses shut down left and right at the wake of the pandemic, and [...]

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7 Secret Tips to Make Your SEO Strategy Ready for 2021 and Beyond

Let’s face it. The days of those old SEO tricks are gone. Technical, voice search optimised, and demographic-targeted SEO tricks are the future of a smart and visionary strategist. Given that most major and developing economies have faced the wrath of the global corona virus pandemic, a properly optimised, progressive and dynamic new stratagem must be in place. The sooner it is, the better for the organisation. Once economies recover and website traffic rebounds, it will be akin to a shark-feeding season for webmasters and website owners. Your competitors will probably have their own arsenals ready. You must push the envelope and become a better SEO strategist. Perfecting a Future-Proof SEO Initiative The very nature of search engine optimisation is [...]

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Google’s Requirements on SEO

Here is a guide on understanding what Google is requiring from your website to earn a higher position in its search engine results and earn more revenue for your business. It might sound like SEO is such an extremely complicated process for business owners who don’t have the slightest idea on how to handle it. Although SEO is helpful in increasing search engine rankings, it is important to do it professionally. Google SEO performed by a professional SEO company can push your website to rank on the top of search results. It can be very helpful for small-scale business owners since they can’t compete online and get profitable returns. • Targeted Keywords. Selecting the right target keywords is one of [...]

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