Does my My Website Need a Responsive Web Design?

The term "responsive web designs" indicates sites that are capable of adapting to various types of screen sizes for maximizing viewing experience. This includes screens of desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, ipods, kindles, etc. At times this term is referred to, in the digital arts’ market, as "fluid design", "adaptive website design" or "RWD". On the other hand, uncommunicative websites cannot adapt to fit separate computer display dimensions, which means they can be tough to navigate and view on smaller devices. Sales of mobile phones have surpassed that of desktops and according to media predictors mobile web usage would also surpass desktop use by 2014. Therefore, it only appears logical that searches on desktop seek will be outnumbered by mobile searches. [...]

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Is Your Website Poorly Designed or Outdated?

An outdated or badly conceived website promotes mistrust in the minds of your visitors. A lower rate of conversion from viewers to buyers along with the site’s inability to appear attractive to customers would ultimately result in loss of precious revenue. Thus, it's critical to constantly review the contemporariness and relevance of your website to double-check whether you're appealing to all the business (especially top-quality buyers). Here are a few signs your website is out of sync with what is happening and requires a "re-design": 1. The website was built in HTML "tables." Newer sites will have an edge over older versions that were constructed in tables in both SEO (search engine optimization) and page load speed (which itself is [...]

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Website Design – Its Importance and Usefulness

Web design involves a series of actions that include visualizing, planning and designing electronic media content by using Mark up language and graphics for use on the internet. With the primary aim of marketing goods and services, web designs are meant to lure net users to browse and buy what is being offered. Marketing involves creating a concept based on the ultimate business goal of the marketer; building corporate image and promoting the brand that is marketed. Web design also involves creating meaningful and relevant content that provides useful information to users. There are a number of technical factors which are to be taken in account before to give the final form to the concept. This is a kind of advertising [...]

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