Types of Content That Can Impact Your Business Post-lockdown

While the corona virus pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, claiming by the thousands daily, its effect of fear and alarm is certainly on the decline. The UK government has relaxed the lock-down to levels where it feels like business-as-usual. And, now more than ever, people are turning to content, to know and understand how the businesses are changing around them, how they’re adapting, and how they are available to customers. The Lockdown Story Perhaps this is the first time in decades that businesses have had to adapt to marked conditional alterations within a single year, or even, only 4 months. The first was when businesses shut down left and right at the wake of the pandemic, and [...]

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Making Sense of E-Commerce in a Post-COVID-19 World

Like all other facets, the global COVID-19 pandemic has also altered online buyer behaviour. Market experts are facing a hard time predicting which products will sell, which will not and which will almost certainly occupy empty shelf space for some time to come. In many ways, this pandemic may have changed e-commerce forever. Most of the world was under quarantine and self-isolation in the months of March through May. Vast swathes are still under lockdown. From a market analyst’s perspective, they should have continued to behave in the same manner as they had before. But that was not how it was. Some consumers were panicking and started bulk-buying. Some only ordered bare essentials. Some stayed away entirely from the [...]

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Advantages of SEO during the COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in ways that could not have been envisaged by the world at large. The scale of this pandemic is such, that parallels are being drawn with the Spanish Flu or Black Death in the primeval era. Well, none of us were around then but the ramification of the pandemic that is upon us, is enough to give us chills. The casualty numbers are increasing in certain countries while it is brought under control in certain others. Apart from absolute standstill of regular life, businesses are bearing the brunt of it. Sharply, at that. In spite of the adversities, time is ripe for businesses to surpass their competitors with search engine optimisation. Digital marketing [...]

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