Keyword Research

Researching keywords for any AliExpress product listing. Keywords are extremely important as they are included in the main title, sometimes the tagline and always in the bullet points. We also use long-tail keywords in the supporting description (also called the product description).

Keywords help in the search results not only on AliExpress search but for organic search on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

You need to open a Google Adwords account. You do not have to add any credit card information to use this tool!!

The direct url is

From here you can watch the video above.

Log in and on the top navigation bar click “Tools and Settings” >   Under planning click “Keyword Planner” > Click “Discover New Keywords”

> Click the right box – “Start with a website”

We need to change the language and geo location to English and USA. > SAVE

Add the product listing page url (example)  >

Click the button “Use only this page” and GET RESULTS

Google will generate a large number of keywords including long tail keywords you can use.

You can see the popularity by the number of monthly search terms.

Next we simply download all the keyword ideas >   Save as either a CSV sheet or Google sheet.

Never “Keyword Stuff” any AliExpress product listing. It is more important that the listing is informative, shows the benefits and workings of the product and the words flow fluidly.

The process of building a product listing for AliExpress

We have developed a tried and tested format that helps to build product listings – that cuts down on revisions we have to make from the individual sellers on AliExpress.

This is a 3 step process and works in the following way:

In each listing you are given to re-write are 4 documents:

4 docs

Ignore the Quality Assurance word doc. That is for our proofreaders once a listing is completed.

The 3 files for you are:

1 – Diagnosis report.  You work on this document first. We have to inform these sellers what mistakes they are making in the listing they have wrote.

It is very important that this is done correctly. We have given samples for you to get some ideas on typical mistakes –

Area – Issue – Description – Impact – Recommendations

See sample – diagnosis report (opens in a new window)

2 – Process document – We sometimes refer to this as the research and competitor activity sheet.

See sample – process document (the Excel sheet will download to your computer)

The first line in the Excel sheet has a lot of information for you:

Product listing url

The seller is asked to supply the following to help you:

Features/selling points: How are you different and why are you better?

Any USP (unique selling point) you wish us to focus on?

Where would you use your product? (Consumption scenario).

The top five words or phrases a buyer would enter in the AliExpress search bar to find your product.

Specific phrases which are a must-include in the Main Title

Lastly, 3 competitors url’s for information.

Occasionally a seller might add text in Chinese. Just translate with Google translate.

With this information you then complete all grey background areas in the Excel sheet.

This information makes it very easy for you to then write the main title, the tagline and bullet points.

The existing product listing evaluation verdict (Line 12) AliExpress has a grading system from 1 – 5 – most existing listings are either 1 or 2. If you feel any listing is higher contact us to evaluate and if we feel the listing is good we will replace with another listing.

Line 155 we will complete – This has to be to a level 4 or 5.

3 – The listing Word doc.  Below is a sample of the Word doc you will receive to write the listing. You will already have the main title and tagline written from the process sheet. Also you have the necessary info to put together 3-5 bullet points.

sample you will receive

There are certain guidelines to the number of words and chars (characters) you can use in certain sections. We have added reminders. No need to remove any of this info when you have finished as this will all be cleaned up by the proofreaders.

Downloading images.

Most product listings on AE are in WEBP format and do not download individually. You have to use FATKUN bulk image downloader to get all the images in 1 go. This is a Chrome browser extension – Fatkun (opens in a new window).

NEVER use screenshots of images in a listing. If you do – you will have no further work!

Un-used images

You have to add in this section any images from the original listing that you do not use and give a reason. Duplicate / Redundant / Not Applicable/ Has Chinese text etc.

Scoring system

This section is for the seller to give there feedback on the new listing. If the listing is below 70 then it will automatically come back for revision. One of the main reason that this occurs is not explaining the various sizes, colors etc.

Below sample is of a finished listing:

finished listing

Product Brief

Here is the full AliExpress Product Brief in PDF format  – Must Read (opens in a new window)

Great tools

Character Counter (Chars) – Letter Counter – Word Counter


Spell Check & Grammar Check

Always use when building a listing the actual WORD doc in the product listing folder on OneDrive.

This has been formatted in USA spell and grammar check – so you can see any errors instantly.

It also saves to OneDrive any changes you make which you can go back to any previous revision.

More importantly this WORD doc will travel between different departments at CGO Media and 2 other departments at AliExpress and HAS to be in this formatted doc for localization.

Do not edit to add page breaks, headers etc.

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